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tythas asked:

Hello! You recently submitted a collection of Pokémon gym badges. I went to Tokyo to the pokemon center in order to try and get some too, but I couldn't find any! There are none online either :( Where did you grab yours from?

It wasn’t a recent post, some are out of stock now. You can also find them at AnimeExpo (LA)… If Sanshee happens to be there.


Anonymous asked:

You've said about where you got the badges but may I ask where you got the board? I've been looking everywhere for a good one but can't find any.

It’s two pieces of mounting board, but the top layer is a frame that came with a painting (printed on paper, nothing expensive or fancy). That was given to me so I don’t know where it came from exactly but it looks like something you can find at Aaron Brothers (Art supply/ picture frame store). The bottom layer was definitely from Arron Brothers but it was really big so I cut it down to the size of the frame board. 

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